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2/2 Twill: Handwoven Woolen Wearables

2/2 Twill (and plain weave) Weaving Draft

draft image: Threading Draft from Divisional Profile, Tieup: Crackle Design Project, Draft #13289, 4S, 4T

A Manual of Weave Construction | Ivo Kastanek | Austria | publisher: Guild & Lord, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. | 1903 | 4-shaft, 3-treadle

Not 2 Square Weavers: Favorite Weaving Drafts 違う所はあるかな

Draft of the pattern called Murphy's "Diaper" Weave No.5 which comes from the Davison book, pg. 115. The drawdown here does not show the tabbies woven in, but they would need to be woven, otherwise the cloth would have no integrity. Ideally warp and tabby yarn the same size and a thicker, soft pattern weft, such as wool. According to Marguerite Davison, this simple weave, originally intended for coarse linens, was dubbed by the Scandinavians as a "Poor Man's Damask". It is overshot." Su…

page 74, figure 2: Textile Design and Colour | William Watson | Longmans, Green & Co. | London, England | 1912 | 4-shaft, 4-treadle

Hand Weaving Draft: 08019, 2500 Armature - Intreccio Per Tessuti Di Lana, Cotone, Rayon, Seta - Eugenio Poma, 4S, 4T - Hand Weaving and Draft Archive

Hand Weaving Draft: Twill Squares 1, KB Original, 4S, 4T - Hand Weaving and Draft Archive