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This is adorable :)

How to dress for cold weather: 1. take your pants off 2. get back into bed

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"That smirk tells me that, even though seventeen very important people and their DOG told you not to do this, you're going to do it and call them on the phone as you do it to give them the play-by-play." Belladonna chuckled, "you really do know this smirk."

Here to perform the first song off of their debut album entitled, "Bark N Scratch," please give a warm Soul Train welcome to. . . ( Da' Pound! )!!!!

mira hears her text tone go off in her bedroom and hurries to get it, hoping its a good morning text from her fiancé. though it could considered a 'good morning text', it doesn't exactly conform to the guidelines. warner has asked, "what do you call mixing coffee with hard liquor?" chuckling as she typed her response, mira replies, "getting ready for work."

I ducking hate when this happens @unilad

Omg I'm laughing so frikin hard XDD

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