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Deep, dark-roasted coffee, with hints of cocoa

THIS is LITERALLY the BEST chocolate cake in the entire world. But instead of the "especially dark frosting" recipe, using my buttercream icing recipe. It's literally the best thing I have ever eaten.

If ceilings are often overlooked as the 5th wall of interior design, I overcompensate with light fixtures dripping in crystals that scream, "notice me!".

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How to find the right coffee roast for you

From the light-bodied and mild flavors of a Starbucks® Blonde roast to the deep intensity of a Starbucks® Dark roast, we believe in roasting each bean to its peak flavor. Learn how to choose the right coffee roast for you.

How to Cover Dark Circles + Under Eye Bags!! - YouTube

48 Of The Most Beautiful Lines Of Poetry

And for those of you who think this is just some hipster post; This is my…

Coffee Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Flecks

Coffee Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Flecks-a deep coffee flavor with tiny bursts of dark chocolate! A coffee lover's dream come true!

Black Magic Cake | "Hands down, the BEST chocolate cake I have ever made..and it is requested over and over again by family. Be sure to follow the directions exactly, and use the best cocoa you can find. The recipe is super easy. Great with chocolate ganache frosting."

Porter-Braised Chicken with Root Vegetables

Slightly bitter and with a deep coffee-like flavor, porter, a very dark ale, makes this braise rustic and hearty. Porter’s toastiness plus the sweetness of root vegetables and the spiciness of Dijo...