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Historical incidents such as foreign invasions, trade relations and colonialism have also played a role in introducing certain foods to the country. For instance, potato, a staple of Indian diet was brought to India by the Portuguese

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Monsanto Hates This

Ocean Robbins: Monsanto Hates This. Monsanto and their buddies in big agribusiness might want to dominate the world's food supply. But a growing movement of concerned citizens is getting fed up and fighting back. Movements for organic, sustainable, non-GMO, fair trade, living wage, humane, and healthy food are all exploding. Read the rest of the article here:

Implementing New Shark Protections Worldwide. Countries around the world have been working together on an unprecedented scale to prepare for new landmark shark protections. Excitement about the potential impact of the new rules has been building around the globe among those concerned about the future of these predators so vital to a healthy ocean food web. Under these new rules, international trade in sharks that are commercially exploited in large numbers will be regulated for the first…


Natural Purrz: Salmon

Natural Purrz are the perfect way to keep your kitty companion purring. They're soft, delicious treats packed with USDA chicken or ocean-caught salmon, a whole-food source of omega 3 fish oil. And because they're healthy (and only 2 calories each), you'll feel good treating your cat to them every day. You can both be happy about that. Your kitty will be so grateful they may even trade in knocking things off your coffee table for snuggling. Maybe. Feed nutritious Natural Purrz and Fuel the…

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Medicinal Uses for Moroccan Spices

I’m kicking off a week of posts focusing on natural ideas and recipes.  I have been wanting to do these posts for a while.  I have to make a confession ...