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Explore Spotted Early, Burst Pipes and more!

Ask someone to check your home while you're away for a while. This will help leaking or burst pipes are spotted early and damage kept to a minimum.

If the concrete slab of your home has spots of dampness or if there are muddy or wet areas around the perimeter of your foundation, a slow water leak under your home is usually the culprit.

Did you know that a leaking faucet with even a slow drip can waste 15 to 20 gallons of water per day? Shore up that leak with a call to us! 206-792-7485! #plumbingtips #genejohnsonplumbingSeattle

If you hear mysterious sounds when turning your faucet on or off, get an inspection to track down the source. Unusual sounds often indicate pipe supports are deteriorating and an unsecured pipe is likely to burst. AND it's annoying........

Never pour drain clearing chemicals down your tub's drain, they may harm pipes, erode tub enamel or create leaks through the ceiling or in a crawl space!

If you don’t know the path of the buried sewage pipe across your yard, ask a plumber to show you. Avoid planting trees near the pipe to prevent tree root intrusion, a frequent cause of sewage blockage and backups.

Inspect your plumbing annually. Just as you change the batteries in your smoke detectors each year, you should inspect your water pipes and fittings yearly, by doing so you could prevent thousands of dollars in water damage. #plumberseattle

Fix and external dripping tap as soon as possible to avoid water damage through the outside wall.

Don’t let your outdoor faucets freeze up in the winter. Unattach your garden hoses before freezing temperatures arrive, then close the shut-off valve on the pipes which lead to your outdoor faucets. #plumbingseattle