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If you liked my Halloweeny Unit YOU WILL LOVE THIS. Pumpkin Pie And Pilgrims too Here's what is coming to you 3 pages of in and out charts 4 pages of Acorn

Thanksgiving Scrambled Sentences

Thanksgiving Scrambled Sentences

Students need lots of practice writing proper sentences. Just print, laminate, and cut out the sentence cards. Have the children sort the cards, pu.

Always wanted to know what comes after After While Crocodile

After while crocodile maybe two kangaroo chop chop lollipop, bye bye butterfly. ways to say goodbye without tears

Common core writing 2nd grade

A content wall is a great way to reinforce skills. This content wall challenges students to have a writer's eye while planning, revising, and editing their

Adding Fractions & Mixed Numbers ~ Coloring Activity

Adding Fractions & Mixed Numbers Color Sheet

This is a fun alternative to the plain solving questions on a worksheet. It is more interactive in that students answer questions in order to determine the color of their picture.

Multiplication and Division | GSSD Elementary Math Coach. This kind of anchor chart helps students understand that there is more than one way to do something.

Multiplication Strategies Anchor Chart- Perfect for Aussie Year 5 Teachers. showing the different multiplication models.

... Art Elementary History Latin America - Color Book Incas, Aztecs, Mayas

At Thanksgiving, let's present additional high quality coloring pages for the kids that picture more about real-life American History than they may have been taught in school. We know that there were no such things as .

math vocabulary: word wall

Math Vocabulary Word Wall - Pre-Algebra

Math Vocabulary Word Wall – Pre-Algebra- Lots of great math helpers on this retail site

Prove it! {4th grade Common Core math problems}  - Could be used as an exit card

Prove it! {4th grade Common Core math problems}

Prove it! grade Common Core math problems} - Could be used as an exit card. Adapt for algebra: give a problem and the solution. Have kids show work steps and a worm explanation.