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2010 JDRF Ride to cure for my sister!

from Blind to Bounds

Know the bitter truth of Diabetes

A1C. Someone with diabetes makes me proud every day. For information on all types of diabetes, please check out:

Doesn't that look horrible? This is one month worth of shots for a type 1 diabetic. This is my daughter areality. I'm so proud of and thankful for my friends and family that have helped my team reach our goal for the JDRF walk but I am going to keep asking that you find it in your hearts to donate and keep helping our team. Help find a cure so eventually we can get rid of diabetes and not just manage it. Link is in bio. #type1 #t1d #typeone #diabetes #typeonediabetes #type1diabetes…

Insulin is not a cure for type 1 diabetes (T1D).

Korn, proud to have an entire sleeve inked to dedicate to these guys! couldn't be more proud!!!

health does not come in one size and is not limited to the flesh but of the mind and spirit as well.

My son makes me proud everyday with his "Autoimmune Diabetes" Type 1 Diabetes, insulin dependent for life - no family history on either side till now.

I know a super great kid that is insulin powered!

A guide to insulin pumps #diabetes

I love a child with Juvenile Diabetes (Type 1 Diabetes) and I am so proud of him for staying strong and going about his life as best he can in spite of having to deal with all the struggles of T1D.