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Our other theme song is the hiss of vanes through the air and the thump of a Rage in the cage. When you hear it, strap in for season three of the arrow-slingin' saga that's burning up the world of outdoor TV and smoking game across America with the unrivaled ferocity of a PSE bow. In our most riveting series of challenges yet, the mood swings from madness to sadness at the drop of a string.

Doug Niemackl from Hide-a-bow

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Save Bucks and Extend the Life of Your Bow Target

Rinehart Targets, designer and manufacturer of sculpted archery targets, is now offering replacement skins for its 22- and 26-inch Rhino Bag targets. Designed to be the best bag targets on the market, the Rhino bags feature Dual Layer Power Core technology for long-lasting stopping power—while still allowing arrows to be pulled from the target with ease. Recognizing that the shell would not withstand the eternal abuse that the core can take, …

GWS Striker Sight - Direct mount aluminum bow sight that features three fiber optic pins, vertical and horizontal adjustment and an orange sight ring on a clear pin guard.

VIDEO: Girl Shoots Bow with Her Bare Feet ... Upside Down

In an amazing feat of agility, a girl shoots a bow upside down with her bare feet while balancing on two cones with her hands.