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Beadwork Necklace Vintage Style Antique Brass Chain Beaded Jewelry Repurposed Upcycled 'The Diva'

Beadwork Necklace Vintage Style Antique Brass Chain Fall Colors Beaded Jewelry Repurposed Upcycled 'The Diva'. $119.00, via Etsy.

Purple Lampwork Necklace Victorian Style Antique Brass Butterfly 'The Secret Garden'

Lampwork Earrings - Antique Brass Gray Glass Beads Boho Beaded Jewelry 'Autumn Walk'

Lampwork Earrings Silver Beaded Jewelry Hot Pink Iridescent Swarovski Crystals 'Sunset Rainbow'

Lampwork Necklace and Earrings Antique Brass Chain Shells- Ocean Seashells Beaded Beach Jewelry 'Vintage Seashore'

Pink Lampwork Necklace Antique Brass Chain Fan Bead Vintage Style Beaded Jewelry 'Victorian Enchantment'

Lampwork Bracelet with Antique Brass Bronze Olive Green Purple Blue Swarovski Crystals Beaded Jewelry 'Summer Meadow'

Beadwork Freeform Necklace, Earrings Aqua Ivory Lampwork Cabochon Seashells Bridal Bohemian Ocean Beaded Jewelry 'Treasures from the Sea'