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*me getting dalek-converted* I AM NOT A DALEK. *succumbs to dalek conditioning* PROCRASTINATE PROCRASTINATE PROCRASTINATE!

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​What's So Bad About Hating The Daleks, Anyway?

What's So Bad About Hating The Daleks, Anyway? @julie_b_temple @abbygtemple

Jesus take the wheel. A Harry Potter/dr.who combo! Would that mean that this is...... DR. POTTER?!?!

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Cybermen vs. Daleks

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How British Are You?

Exactly what I thought. All you need to add is something that says keep calm and carry on, and the Universe would explode (again) from all the Britishness concentrated in on place. What really cracked the universe.

Oswin...I've been thinking on the whole 'doctor killing off his companions thing' and maybe just maybe he knows how their life will end regardless so he wants to make it fantastic while he can. Just a thought :)

Inspired by the quick glimpse we got of Twelve in the anniversary special. I'd love a Doctor who can scare even the Daleks with his glare.

Doctor Who, Anatomy Of A Dalek << the doctor who fandom can tell you the body parts of a monster on the show...GO DW FANDOM

funny doctor who comics | And another one made by Jack (tardis-owl.tumblr) because I love you so ...

Doctor Who He really does have the best companions to tell him he shouldn't be alone. 🙂