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Left Hand Brewing - Chocolate Milk Stout Cake. Baked 8/14. DELICIOUS. Maybe the best chocolate cake recipe ever. In history.

BIG LEAF MAPLE // If you don’t have the leaves to aid identification, the Big-Leaf Maple can be distinguished from other tree silhouettes in winter by looking for the tree with grayish-brown to reddish-brown bark and a distinctive pattern of interlacing grooves and 4-sided raised ridges. Then follow one of its stout green twigs to the end and make sure it tapers to a sizeable ¼-inch terminal bud accompanied by 2 smaller buds on each side…

Honey Hefeweizen Boule Loaf

Honey Hefeweizen Boule Loaf. Simple, easy and delicious. Perfect recipe for first time bakers! Last year, with a camera crew in my face, I interviewed th

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