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U.S. History: 13 Colonies Colonial Crossword. Students could do a colonial crossword as homework to prove their knowledge of the unit. -T.R.

'Colonial America Task Cards’ are a great resource for reviewing concepts about early English settlements and the 13 colonies. ‘Colonial America Task Cards’ includes 28 task cards, 2 student response sheets, and an answer key. Questions are all open ended. Makes a great social studies center, scoot activity, or review game! Topics covered: - The creation of the 13 colonies - Colonial regions - The lost colony of Roanoke - Jamestown - Plymouth & Massachusetts Bay

Create a Colonist: Fun mini-project / activity for a Social Studies unit on life in the 13 colonies. Common Core content area writing!

This 'Colonial America' unit features 110 pages of lesson plans, interactive notes, centers, games, and much more! Topics include the Lost Colony of Roanoke, Jamestown, Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay, the 13 Colonies, Colonial Regions, Colonial Jobs, and Colonial People Groups.

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