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‘The Bland Leading The Bland’ – Campaign 2000 – October 14, 2000 – Past Daily - Click on the link here for Audio Player – CBS Weekend Roundup (portion) – October 14, 2000 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection As Campaign 2000 sprinted towards the final days before election, the Presidential debates were winding down. One left to go and the previous one held... #algore #barackobama #bush

#Repost @battleave with @repostapp. The New Portable World is finally here. It's really easy to get caught up in new technology debates and over-saturation in the world of DJing and turntablism. "There's so much that can be done!" "Eh It's all button pushing!" "That's not real djing" "now that's a REAL DJ".....escape the noise. That's the beauty of the new Portable World of DJing. You CAN escape with the music. It's a simplified unit. It represents the foundation. You can now search play…

HILLARY CLINTON, THE FIRST PROBATIONER IN THE WHITE HOUSE Fat chance Hillary will be subjected to a urine test and home visits

019 Mission to the Unknown by Terry Nation Illustrated by geronimoallonsy “The picture above was done on Paint, and is of the Daleks colluding with the masters of the Fifth Galaxy.” Space Security Service agent Marc Cory’s investigation into a recent sighting of a Dalek spaceship takes him to the Planet Kembel. His suspicion that the Daleks have established a base proves well-founded. His discovery that the Daleks are planning to invade and destroy the Solar System and then the universe…

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