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Do you remember years ago going to the Family History Library or the Joseph Smith Memorial Building or even the old building on Richards Street and looking at rows and rows of black binders filled with family group sheets that had been submitted? Now 5,337,178 of those forms can be found online in the Family Group Records Collection, Archive Section, 1942-1969.

Copies of Records from

Copies of Records from| Copies of Records from| With the electronic age, the (Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah) will now be able to scan a copy of a requested document, info from microfilm, book, record, CD, vital record, deed, etc. into digital format (JPG or PDF) and attach to your email address to be sent to you. All of this is free of charge. They do limit just 5 such requests a month per person. #free #familysearch

Teach Me Genealogy: Free Family History Bundle Finally Released! (Software, Pedigree Chart, Family Group Record, Getting Started, Websites, Free Printables and Much More)

Genealogy Family Group Form

Free printable Genealogy Family Group Form is used to track critical details of family events such as birth, death, marriage and baptism