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"Unsafe gluten Foods List- gluten intolerance, celiac, gluten allergy." Image Source: celiac.com

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Got my test back said im Gluten intolerant so here :/ .Unsafe Foods List- gluten intolerance, Really this should just say "everything you love." And then you can just cry

Gluten chart.  As you can see there is a much larger gluten free section, so people need to stop saying "oh you have to eat gluten free? So you can eat like, anything"

Health & nutrition tips: Guide to common plants, seeds, grains, cereals & flours

Thrive Forward's Fuel for Fitness: 8 Key Nutrients

Thrive Forward's Fuel for Fitness: 8 Key Nutrients

gluten free food list | gluten-free-food-list.. This is a great list and makes eating gluten free seem do-able!

Wheat and gluten free foods Gluten free food list for kids Naturally Gluten Free Foods List " Always be sure to read labels.gluten is everywhere.even a thickener in ice cream.

I'm nowhere close to being vegan, but nice to know what some substitutes are...

The Ultimate Vegan Baking Cheat Sheet -- Whether you're vegan or you need to avoid eggs or dairy for allergy reasons (like us!), this is a great reference sheet for baking substitutions!

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5 Metabolism-Boosting Foods That Burn Fat Away

Top Antioxidants: It's interesting to see what tops the list. Do you know the differences in what kind of Dark Chocolate?