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Funny pictures about Deer and their logic. Oh, and cool pics about Deer and their logic. Also, Deer and their logic.

funny deer pictures | Sound like a deer, this actually happens. Haha

I HATE SQUIRRELS! They freak me out every time. I think that a monster 20 point is crashing through the woods then find out it is a tiny squirrel. how are squirrels louder than deer?

DEAD excited, then hopefully just as he cums = DEAD ☑️

90 years old, just ate a huge steak dinner, drank a good beer, and under a hot 25 year old

Deer Hunting | deer hunting - Cool Graphic

I hate deer hunting! I cried when I saw an add for a game called deer hunting where you kill animals. I wish hunting didn't exist!

Oh, if only we all could be as smart as that! And run into veggie freaks more often!

A vegetarian asked what I felt while shooting deer. I replied, "Recoil." haha this is so true


Giant hog: This wild, giant hog was taken down by an 11 year-old hunter. Think it’s fake? His name was Jamison Stone (the boy, not the hog). The pig weighed lbs and measured from the tip of its snout to the base of its tail.