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ok, is just me or is this camp being invaded.

@Ginos Place: That's why Americans are ready to kill their traitor politicians,Democrat & republican!We The People will kill islam when the time is right & that will be soon enough!


Auschwitz Survivor, A Teacher Who Defied Nazis, Dies At 108

The Nazi concentration camp was "worse than Dante's hell," Antoni Dobrowolski said in an 2009 interview. He was sent there for teaching young Poles. Nazi Germany, which invaded Poland in 1939, had tried to outlaw education beyond elementary age.

When Poland was attacked by the Nazis on 1 September, the Red Army also invaded on 17 September 1939. As a result of the Soviet invasion enormous numbers of Polish soldiers and civilians were deported by the NKVD to various locations in the Soviet Union; many ended up in the Gulag camps in Siberia, others were send to exile in Kazakhstan. After the German invasion of the Soviet Union and signing of the Sikorski-Mayski Agreement arrangements were made for the release of the Poles in Russian…

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'Prisoner B-3087' by Alan Gratz: Middle grade holocaust story

I wonder how many of those people are Roman demigods.--- I found Jason. The Blondie in the purple.----

He stared down the incomers that had invaded the camp. They had made a big mistake. Fatal, even.

11.9–10.1938 - Kristallnacht/The Night of Broken Glass: A synagogue aflame. Led by Nazi stormtroopers and carried out by German civilians, at least 91 Jews were murdered, 30,000 Jews were rounded up and sent to concentration camps. 1,000 ancient synagogues were burned to the ground and 7,000 Jewish businesses were destroyed. It marked the beginning of The Shoah. Hitler was inspired by Christian theologian Martin Luther's views on Jews.

I'm really glad Tyson had a part in it. People have seem to have forgotten about every one but the seven and Nico

fort matanzas FL. prisoner 1887 by windonthewater, via Flickr