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From my window I can see a 1,700-meter hill called the Cerro del Borrego or “Hill of the Sheep.” In 1862, the French army invaded Mexico. While the enemy camped in the central park of O...

@Ginos Place: That's why Americans are ready to kill their traitor politicians,Democrat & republican!We The People will kill islam when the time is right & that will be soon enough!

Eric Liddell is perhaps most famous as the protagonist of the classic movie "Chariots of Fire," which depicts his amazing journey to Olympic gold in the 400m track race in 1924. Lesser known is the fact that after Liddell competed, he became a Christian missionary to China and died in 1945 after being tortured in an internment camp set up by the Japanese after they invaded China in 1937.


Auschwitz Survivor, A Teacher Who Defied Nazis, Dies At 108

The Nazi concentration camp was "worse than Dante's hell," Antoni Dobrowolski said in an 2009 interview. He was sent there for teaching young Poles. Nazi Germany, which invaded Poland in 1939, had tried to outlaw education beyond elementary age.