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TOP 10 Tips on How To Grow Your Ginger Indoors

Did you know that you can actually grow ginger indoors? Being a tropical plant it does not tolerate frost, so unless you live in a warm, humid climate, it's best to grow ginger in a pot indoors. Ginger grows well in partial to full shade, which makes it ideal for growing in your home. Ginger is a no-fuss plant plus it is very pretty with its bamboo-like green shoots and leaves. #Ginger

How to Grow Pea Shoots

What you'll learn: Step by step, how to grow pea shoots What you MUST do to prevent dangerous contamination Why coconut coir, seedlings pads do not work for pea shoots Recipe for simple pea shoots stir fry…

A closer look at the best nugs, grows, events and celebrity shoots in the world of marijuana.

8.Prune all useless shoots