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I hope you will stop chasing me on social media as soon as you feel better about your ocd. It is a terrible feeling when you feel someone is observing your things in an illegal way. I remember when you said I was chasing you on social media and now that...a girl committed suicide cause of this feeling some weeks ago and I can understand the feeling. But I won't committ suicide. Not for you...;) ah! Again! The name of this is hipocrisia.

El Síndrome de Münchhausen por poder se basa en que una persona, habitualmente la madre o el cuidador de un niño, causa lesiones, enfermedades o trastornos a su hijo de forma deliberada. En algunas ocasiones, esto puede provocar muertes infantiles súbitas. Se trata de uno de los trastornos en los que la víctima está totalmente indefensa.

I don't actually consider this a good thing... Because I waste time doing what I feel like and then there's not enough time for what needs to be done! It's so incredibly annoying!!