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100 Ways to Be Kind to Your Child by Creative with Kids

Children have an internal voice that repeats to them the messages they consistently hear from parents. For many, "The Voice" never stops, even when adulthood arrives. Click through for great suggestions of positive messages to speak into your child's heart.

Pass the Manners, Please

Pinner said: "My kids beg me to play this game. Mom and dad always lose; our kids now have better manners than we do."

A Letter to My Future Son-in-Law

A Letter to My Future Son-in-Law... definitely need to write a letter like this before my little girl grows up!!

Don't Let Anger Destroy Your Family!

Would your kids say you yell a lot? A recent survey says so. Do you struggle with anger at home, but have a happy face you put on when you go out? You are not alone. It's more common than you think. But as a mom, there is something you can do about your anger. Read these practical steps you can take to be a happier mom at home. Don't let anger destroy your family.

Modesty is for Boys Too {via} Some guidelines for picking out clothes for our little guys as they grow. #boymom

"Encouraging Words”: A thoughtful article written by Amy McCready, from “Positive Parenting Solutions: Online Education For Positive Discipline Know-How And Parenting Peace”.

practical tips for intentional parenting

practical tips for intentional parenting: "Children thrive on repetition and routine. Traditions don’t need to be fancy to be exciting. family game night. dessert. pancake day. schedule in 15 min per kid per day just for play. birthdate date night. Each month on the number of their birthdate, each child gets a special date night." This post has some great ideas.