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For White People Who Believe Black Lives Matter

I'm a white person and I say "stupid white people" more then I would like to

“‘Black lives matter’ doesn’t mean other lives don’t — it’s simply asking that the black community also achieves the justice they deserve,”

dookiesnahkids:to-provokethought:OH MY GOD THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

White people are a lot less likely to admit that discrimination still exists. Our society as a majority will claim that it's a thing of the past and that we've integrated with one another a long time ago. If this were actually true, talking about the differences of race wouldn't feel uncomfortable to most.

I chose this Pin for my board because I think it is a great Quote. To me this quote means that if you believe that racism is no longer going on in our world you're racist. Racism is still a huge topic in today's society so the fact that you don't think it exists means that you yourself are very close minded or racist.

Tokyo ghoul and AOT....If you know what I mean when I say if Titans and ghouls came together we would be screwed

This is an oldie but a goodie, yall! Middling grade cotton is considered average and is used as the standard to measure all other grades of cotton. It is a fleecy cotton with very small amounts of debris and is nearly white. Fair to middling cotton is an average grade of cotton, and is the type usually used for denim. Fair to middlin’ has also become an expression in the southern United States meaning okay to average in quality, as in “I’m feeling fair to middlin’”. #fairtomiddlin…

My grand daughter has the BEST of both world.....This is how I think....We are from the human race and thats it in a nut shell!!!!!