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~~Einstein on problems. Most agreed, dear fellow.

Video: Einstein - Dec. 16, 1915:  The General Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein is published.

9 Famous Quotes on Creativity, Life, Arts and Design

PBS NOVA - Inside Einstein's Mind - New Documentary 2016

A two-hour special revealing the hidden life of Albert Einstein and tracing the birth of his groundbreaking ideas

We are working on this for conflict: it’s hard: And  our correspondent creatingreciprocity at has just added an equally good Einstein quote below: “Make everything as simple as possible, but …

Einstein Conflict Quotes

So much truth! You don't need big words to say things, you need to say them so people understand!

Interview with the king of opera: Plácido Domingo - YouTube

The Spanish opera singer and conductor Plácido Domingo, who was one of the world-renowned Three Tenors and remains revered as “the king of opera”, has perfor.

kirlian photography - Star Fruit

kirlian photography - Star Fruit

Einstein truly understood this in a way few will ever know. ;o)

Peace / Love / hippie / Happiness / Dream Catcher / Art / Free / Flower / Hope / Moon / Universe / Light / Tattoo / Sky / Yoga / Meditation / Colors / Green / Day and Night

You are entirely unaware of who and what you are.

Albert Einstein said a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. What was your biggest mistake in dentistry?

The untold truth of the Alaskan Bush People: They might be fraudsters

Alaska The Last Frontier The Theme Song Video Discovery Channel