Ciel Phantomhive all grown up searching for his Cinderella.

Oh my lord Ciel grown up.but wait is he Prince Charming? Because he's holding Cinderella's glass slipper. Is it wrong for me to create an angst with Doll?

King Byron, Midnight Cinderella...kinda look like an the adult ciel phantomhaive

King Byron, Midnight Cinderella <<< you are trying to tell me that this is not grown up Ciel?


Jha-Saki Khinn & Toby Sorro both are 20 and black belt in Karate; Jha-Saki is Chinese and Toby is Indian; both are training to be missionaries to India

Brian Williams Age: 27 Gender: Male Siblings: None Girlfriend: Grace Jackson Kids: 1 Kids Name: Julia Jackson Eye Color: Greenish grey Hair Color: Black

Midnight Cinderella - King Byron

Midnight Cinderella - King Byron ((He just looks like adult!