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Saw a little pug puppy that looked just like this at the hospital yesterday :D It was the cutest little thing!!!!

Cute Black Pug Puppy… Purple collar lovely arent i.and everything!

Cute Black Pug Puppies

Mike has said "no more pets" but Clara has promised she will buy us each a black Pug puppy when she graduates from Veterinary School.

Kiss me, I'm Irish!

Emergency Pugs on


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Pug puppy ~Giving out that love hormone (Oxytocin) with just one eye!

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To be a truly great animal photobomber you must first be an artist. After that, obviously, you have to be an animal of some kind. These are the animals who 'bombed the best in 2013.

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Its a sugar glider. From the flying squirrel family. Soft under belly:)

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Little marsupial.The sugar glider is a small, omnivorous, arboreal gliding possum, prefers sugary nectarous foods, glides through the air like a flying squirrel.