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The PowerPUNK Girls. They are the opposite of the Powerpuff Girls. They were supposed to appear in an episode called déjà vu, but the episode was never completed so they appeared in the comic instead. They are Berserk (Blossom), Brat (Bubbles), and Brute (Buttercup).

Tags: Anime, Power Puff Girls Z, Goutokuji Miyako, Matsubara Kaoru, Akatsutsumi Momoko

Just a mini comic, you guys decide to what they're saying.. haha~ Blossom & Brick (c) Craig McCracken

about request,I will more slowly finish recently,I have Fan Convention in next month,I'll do it at the same time Kids in street art

rev!dipper by ohthree on DeviantArt

Ok this is reverse Dipper. He's not evil, but not entirely good either or at least not yet. He's used to the rich luxurious life so filth isn't his forte. Finally a fan art that actually shows that.

I like.... ( boomubbles) by Eistaneyu on DeviantArt

this is p much the whole plot of ppgr& poorbucks lmao its only a shitty, super sonic speed sketch which i will color. never& much later cuz comics take forever for me to draw ahahaha b.

Request - Cover the Zootopia Princess Bride by OceRydia

Request - Cover the Zootopia Princess Bride by OceRydia

Underfell Sans ||| Undertale Fan Art by gorshik on Tumblr

gorshik: oook, fandom, damn you.they all are perfect.

Merida! geek-geek-geek

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