How to Get your Ex Boyfriend Back Without Driving Him Away

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you wouldn't reply. deep down i already knew your answer, but for some reason i wanted you to say it. and with every minute that passed, i could feel my heart sinking lower and lower to my stomach

9 Breakup Quotes to Help Heal Your Beaten-Up Heart

9 Breakup Quotes to Help Heal Your Beaten-Up Heart

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No matter how many times I break down, there is always a little piece of me that says "no, your not done yet, get back up.

I honestly think I might quit this account soon. I'm just losing so many followers and nobody's active anymore

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... the sad thing is this doesnt just apply to boyfriend/ girlfriend... not necessarily...

You still make me smile. Even if you are the main reason why I’m sad.

You have to stop and think. Is it you wanting more when the other is secretive on their life towards you as in none of their close family or friends even know you exist. You don't even know them by name why, because you never will...They are strangers. Always will be...

The process of letting go is so especially painful process but you need to let go, Otherwise we just keep ourselves stuck in the same place. It's not healthy to fantasize about a future with this person.

been there...done that...And it felt good to show my opinion to the jerks of the past

Megan Fox- hold your head high, and your middle finger higher.