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Words cannot describe how accurately I fit this cancer sign. As a Christian I'm still unsure about the truth behind these Zodiac stuff, so don't think I endorse it.

I haven't even cried over everything that has been said or done to attack my image. It doesn't phase me. I have no image to pertain to. I have my truth, there's no reason to try and fight for others to see it.

Change Zodiac Sign Cancer to Cancer Free! Actually pretty true. The best revenge is to live your life and be happy, not to bring more negativity into the world.


Fun Facts about your sign. During a confrontation, a Cancer will probably lash out in a fury attacking you because they will take what you said to heart.

Sadly true

Zodiac Facts: Cancer---and some people wonder why I don't talk to them anymore. Or want to hang out with them. I have better friends now that I chose myself!

 you know, I wish this wasn't so accurate

Change Zodiac Sign Cancer to Cancer Free! All except the spotlight. Dont need it, I already know my worth!

I do get angry really quick.

Zodiac signs And I'm cusp born Libra and Scorpio. So I will avoid/ignore you until you manage to piss me off so much that I eat your face off. and is so accurate about other signs too which I find it so hilarious