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if you're wondering how an OUTSIDER knows your business, check your INSIDER- two faced, back stabbing, gossiping insider

Yup this is such an awesome thing when you know so many with the circle, you know what really goes on with people,They pretend with fake friends to be all out going HAHA,all lies,it a small town ?

people need to get a life and stop making all these fake profiles to stalk me on....yes hun this means FB, instagram and pinterest too....Bless your heart for trying and thinking I wouldnt know.

Wow how true is this? it's funny how you're nice to my face. it's hilarious how you talk shit behind my back. and it's downright comical that you think I'm unaware.

When shit goes down sides are taken. Thats when you find out whos real & whos faking

You will test yourself whether you are real or fake, whether you are a christian or not, whether you are a real friend or not, and whether you are real family or not.


Gossips Are Worse Than Thieves Because They Steal Another Person's Dignity, Honest, Reputation And Credibility, Which Are Impossible To Restore. So Remember This "When Your Feet Slip You Can Balance But When Your Tongue Slips You Cannot Recover Your Words


Oh my dear friend where have you gone? You were my best friend, confiding in me, trusting me, talking to me, laughing with me. Remember the feelings and emotions and the good times. Don't ever forget them cause they won't ever happen again with me!

So true. And they are often criticizing you for the same things...

Yes.this is so true.my momma always said if a dog took a bone.he would carry a bone.same thing.I say if you are confiding to a close person in your life.that is not gossip.gossip to me is mean spirited.and I do not gossip.

heres a big Fuck You..

Very well said FUCK YOU ! Here's a big fuck you to all the two-faced bitches, back- stabbers, fake ass friends,

quote, black and white, and fake friends εικόνα http://itz-my.com

quote, black and white, and fake friends εικόνα http://itz-my.com

I'm skinnier than you. Always have been. Always will be.

Here are some funny friendship quotes that I came across, which I had to share. Enjoy these funny quotes about friendships with me.