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Copycat and Domino

Copycat and Domino


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Thor and Batman holding the hammer ... "But ... But" : @ http://9gag.com/gag/aP4PzxP?ref=mobile °°

But but but but batman

Batman and Thor. Of course Batman is worthy of the hammer. He's Batman.

Fun facts about Deadpool! - Imgur

Deadpool & Black Widow- honestly, i dont care what anybody else says, they should be a couple. Him, or else Siryn. But then again Siryn actually didn't really like him in that way.



Starlord/ Peter quill ( guardians of the galaxy). Aaaaaa hooked on a feeling, I'm high on believing.

Oh, now THAT I would love to see.

I started this pic when I first heard about Ryan Reynolds playing Green Lantern. I thought if Deadpool got his hands on a GL ring, he would have way too. The Dead Lantern

Why not add Francis to Ajax's bio? Wade refuses to call him Ajax. His name is Francis. Where's Francis?

Holy Chimichangas! 'Deadpool' Releases Cheeky Character Bios