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Sword Art Online, Kirito and Asuna

Sword Art Online - Image Thread (wallpapers, fan art, gifs, etc.) - Page 36 - AnimeSuki Forum, I love sao

Asuna uses husband shield, funny, text, Asuna, Kirito, couple; Sword Art Online

So adorable<<< Not that she needs it, we all know she can take that fool down on her own. :) <<<< all damage its blocked and the attacker is made a fool of. And they said magic wasn't it sao

Asuna has skills, Kirito.

Sword Art Online episode 8 The Sword Dance of White and Black.

Lol SAO humor

Sword art online Kirito likes poking people

sword art online This can't be more true xD Though I'm wondering... what's Klein doing there? O.o

Wait... what is Klein doing there?

Funny, sword art online Kirito before and after this is me watch Sao

One of the sadest moments in Sword Art Online is when Asuna dies. Somehow this fandom made it funny

Omygod noooo lol Sword Art Online Asuna x Kirito << excuse me I'm sorry but this is the sandwich x Kirito ship apparently