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One Direction full interview Sydney, Australia April 2012. lol @ Louis's face

spotting louis' signature face on television is like spotting the pineapple in psych episodes.

Liam you can eat your soup how ever you like don't let that lady tell you how to eat your food!

SHE IS SO EVIL. Why would you make Liam cry? That's like kicking a puppy off of a cliff.

Liam <3 This boys are such gentlemen!!! I freaking love them. Every boy should be like them...

Liam This boys are such gentlemen! I freaking love them. Every boy should be like them.

Is it bass I could she myself saying this to them

Hahah😂😂😂 I don't like One direction but ithought it was funny but I do like the magcon boys👍

omg i do the same thing and when it comes time for chocolate chip cookies there r none  and my laptop is dead because i plaid my music too long

When I'm home alone, I eat chocolate chips and dance around the house to One Direction.