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Yells, Chants, and Cheers Song List | Camp Songs

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*Hover over each link for a preview of the song." 1 Finger, 1 Thumb . . . One Finger, One Thumb A-W-E-S-O-M-E . . . Awesome / The Awesome Cheer Aardvarks Are My Friends . . . The Aardvark Tongue Tw...

Complete Song List

"Five dinosaurs came out to play / Out in the land of lost one day / Along came Tyrannosaurus, crunch, crunch, crunch .

Repeat-After-Me Song List | Camp Songs

Repeat-After-Me Song List

Repeat-After-Me Songs (call and response songs) including variations of Flea Fly.

Best camp songs - and how to sing them!

Not just for scouts - whenever you are faced with a large group of kids, nothing gets them moving like a “repeat after me” song or two! Definite lifesaver when you have idle time. Songs with lyrics and videos for you to learn!