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#Dorothy dandridge

She was called the Black Marilyn Monroe, just has talented and beautiful and from what I hear they was friends

...I have one chance, one chance, one chance. Protect me I pray. I pray for you to give me strength, to guide me through the trials I will face. Give me strength when mine is gone. Let me succeed. As I will, so mote it be.

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IDF - Israel Defense Forces - Women

IDF - Israel Defense Forces - Women

Size 10 inspiration fitness... because I will NEVER be a size 2 and I love that fact. Damn she is sexy.

Size 10 toned and beautiful. Amazingly toned and a size It's called bone structure . God gave it to u for a reason. Less than of women can ever be a size It's not physically possible with their bone structure. -This is perfect. Love her hair too =)