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Green hair
I freaked out so so so much when this happened I was like "OMG Phil just referenced P!ATD"
my padre said he was going to go see Dan and Phil with me at a meet and greet
tabitha casper and dil howlter - Google Search | OMG THIS IS JUST TOO FREAKY ACCURATE FOR WORDS.
Did you mean: always pause videos<<< Lol true<<<every time I pause their videos, it ends up looking so weird and derpy, but oh well :P
Make a wish by markmak on DeviantArt <--im not a big fan of Pacifica because of the way she treats mabel but the only time I'll post things of Pacifica is when she's sweet to mabel i understand she was cool with dipper but dipper wasn't the one she bullied it was mabel but like this i find it sweet
Phil and Dan <3