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Meaning of Rabbit Tattoos | Tattoo Tribes Shape Your Dreams Tattoos With Meaning Rabbit Hare Photo

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BUNNIES. Watership down fan art.

Commission for Some tattoo design of the Black rabbit of Inlé (Watership Down). Watership Down - Small Black Rabbit tattoos

Watership Down.  I know it is a rabbit, not a cadejo, but the heart is the same

Black Rabbit of Inlé, leading Fiver to find a wounded Hazel - Watership Down

All the world will be your enemy, Prince of a Thousand Enemies. And when they catch you, they will kill you... But first they must catch you; Digger, Listener, Runner, Prince with a swift warning. Be cunning, and full of tricks, and your people will never be destroyed.

El-ahrairah, legendary ancestor of all rabbits, as told of in the finest book ever written, Watership Down, by Richard Adams.