Different casual hair styles

Hairstyles from the Front View. I have never been sure what a braided hairstyle from the front looks like. Now I do.

Resultado de imagen para referencias para dibujar pòses de amigos

Getting some practice with posework, starting with sitting/kneeling (studied from life). Holding a steady pose, stabilizing a clipboard, and drawing all at once is kind of a challenge, but hey-- go.


Guías de dibujo: Anatomía y movimientos del cuerpo

drawing tutorial, how-to female pose IFX - Strike A Pose by ~WarrenLouw on deviantART

It's percabeth but I'm picturing Sirius and any girl really.

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase Fan Art by Viria<<<< why must Percabeth be so friggin' adorable!

선호하는 여자 머리스타일 | 인스티즈

7 look like hermoine granger