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Lass uns Tanzen :)

Lass uns Tanzen :)

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Youre here. Im here. I love you. Im gonna pee all over the floor about it. - Jen Sincero You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life -photo credit to the owner

German: "Gourmet." Simpsons reference: "My bratwurst has a first name, it's F R I T Z. My bratwurst has a second name, it's S C H N A C K E N  P F E F F E R H A U S E N...." ~ Hilarious!!

An exquisite meal! This word has German origins, entering English in the late century.


Funny pictures about Cherry Blossom Avenue. Oh, and cool pics about Cherry Blossom Avenue. Also, Cherry Blossom Avenue photos.

shabby vintage books-made some of these with my sister. Ours were a little different and we personalized them. Love it!

Cream shabby books pottery barn charges quite alot for book bundles cheaper to DIY for

Germany new design: Hetalia

i have p big/muscly thighs too (once we tried to put my infusion set in my thigh and my blood sugar skyrocketed because the tubing got all kinked up because it just bounced right off the muscle lmao that wasn't the best day)