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Algunas personas tienen un ojo de color diferente. Esta condición se llama heterocromía. Se da con poca frecuencia y puede presentarse desde el nacimiento o adquirirse con el paso del tiempo.

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Heterochromia iridum amazing 2 different eye color

Heterochromia of the eye (heterochromia iridis or heterochromia iridum; the common wrong form “heterochromia iridium” is not correct Latin) is of two kinds. In complete heterochromia, one iris is a.

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Dark Circles or under-eye circles are very common among people these days. This is a problem which should not be neglected.

African, with blue eyes, who does not appear to have Waardenberg Syndrome(also a source of blue eyes in African Americans). This leaves the strong possibility of a rare mutation of a key eye color gene.

All blue-eyed people can be traced back to one ancestor who lived years ago near the Black Sea. Europe was colonised by Africans years ago, such that blue eyes has been spread throughout the continent as a recessive gene.

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Complete heterochromia, PLUS unilateral central heterochromia; PLUS unilateral sectoral heterochromia!

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