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Duke homeless veteran leaves his dying dog and best friend, Duke, on the doorstep of an animal clinic. The dedicated staff nurse Duke back to health, and then launch a campaign to locate the veteran and re-unite him with his best pal.

The Duke

"Premiering on video, The Duke is a lighthearted family comedy that proves once and for all it is a dog's life." "From the producers of Air Bud, The Duke is .


50 of the Most Beautiful Women Ever - Morphing

This video shows my nominations for 50 of the most beautiful movie stars ever. The accompanying song "Different Dreams" was written by Richard Kates and sung.

Beethoven -- An adorable puppy named Beethoven wins the heart of George Newton (Charles Grodin) and his family - only to grow up into 185 pounds of romping, drooling, disaster-prone St. Bernard!♥♥♥

Beethoven (1992)

Beethoven ( 1992 ) A slobbering St Bernard dog becomes the center of attention for a loving family but its vet secretly wants to kill him.

90s childhood | The ORIGINAL Beethoven In 5 Seconds - Funny videos are here

30 Of The Greatest Movie Dogs Nothing makes a movie better than having a really cute dog as the star (or supporting role).