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Social Media Integration Theory Model

To one-to-many integration models works well when examining communications channels or online marketing implementation.

I chose this image because a lot of people don't realize that each culture does things a little differently than others. When meeting someone new from a different culture, you should beware of the many ways to say hello.

Cultural Differences in Communication - Bing Images

If Social Media Were Drugs #LOL #funny #9gag

If Social Media Were Drugs

If social media were drugs what would your addiction be? A definitive guide to social drugs - infographic.

Timeline of Email #socialmarketing #socialmedia

This infographic provides a timeline to show how email has evolved since it's advent. Through the timeline, this infographic provides a brief history

Der Social Business Nutzen - Infografik

Effizienter und Produktiver: Der Social Business Nutzen.

One way of determining your social media demographic by Forrester

In this article: Forrester research has developed a tool that gives you all the major demographics of social media users: age, gender, country and more.