Biltmore Floor Plan

Hogwarts School Floor Plan just in case you wanted to know. Ok, it's not, but it would be the perfect place for a wizarding school. LOVE the Biltmore House!

Minecraft House Blueprints

Minecraft House Blueprints- but yet the letters are to small to see, so I'll just try my best to figure it out.

I could do this for my birthday

A: MOST FUN B: It's C: Instead of rule two you could spawn the players on a glass layer in the sky so that they could watch the game. I can't do the mod things because I play Xbox.

Mansion (first project) - Screenshots - Show Your Creation - Minecraft Forum - Minecraft Forum

Mansion This is my first Minecraft build that I have invested time into planning, as opposed to just mining/building small areas. I worked up floor plans.