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The Meaning Of A Pentagram - there are actually several meanings for the symbol and none of them support the common belief that it is a symbol of evil. It represents the human star, with four limbs and the head. It is a protection against evil. It represents the five elements (air, water, earth and fire with the spirit sitting on top). It was once even a Christian symbol, representing the five wounds of Christ. An open pentagram is aware and active - a closed pentagram contains and protects.

The Meaning Of A Pentagram - there are actually several meanings for the symbol…

Symbols of the Triple Goddess

Triple Goddess Symbols Book of Shadows: Digital BoS Pagan graphics, by Grimdeva.

Wheel of the year

Wheel of the year, pagan year calendar - CLING rubber STAMP by Cherry Pie Art Stamps

Natural Hemp & Wood Beaded Pentacle by crochetcronesdesigns, $4.50

Pentagram Necklace Kit - The pentagram has long been believed to be a potent…

sigils for magick - Google Search

Protection sigils, maybe get a few as tattoos on my left forearm where mom has her northern ghana symbols.

Beautiful #shaman #symbols.   www.placeboeffect.com/shaman-healing  The spiritual hieroglyphic-type writing format used by shamans suggests that the indigenous group that the shaman belongs to is highly symbolic. (Linguistic & Cultural anthropology) - Tay                                                                                                                                                      More

~ This energy-based shamanic healing system uses a series of ancient symbols as vehicles for the energy transmissions.

Egyptian Ankh featuring the Goddess Isis, Mother of the Universe by Thunderwolf-Tsahizn Tseh., via Flickr

This an Egyptian symbol Ankh. It symbolized eternal life to the Egyptians. This symbol was found in many writings and carried as amulets by the people. The afterlife played a big part in Egyptian culture