Stang. I really like the louvers on the back window.

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Cervini s Eleanor Body kit, 05 Mustang Convertible

Ford Mustang 2005 - Eleanor Body Kit This is my dream car! I love the colors. Very sharp!

2013 Shelby GT500 Maybe I shoulda been a muscle cars & motorcycles!! Nahhhh, I'll just be the girl who loves cars & motorcycles!!!

2013 Shelby Maybe I shoulda been a guy. Nahhhh, I'll just be the girl who loves cars & motorcycles!

2012 Retrobuilt 1969 Mustang Boss 302 Fastback Conversion

The Retrobuilt 1969 Mustang Fastback is a wolf in a slightly older wolf's clothing. The car pictured here started life as a stock 2013 Ford Mustang GT.

Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra

Here is a super modified Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra that spits Nitrous. Check out the video to see all the cool mods this Stang have and a nice burnout in the end

1967 Ford Mustang Pit Viper

Ford : Mustang Pit Viper

American Muscle Cars… 1967 Custom Ford Mustang Fastback Pit Viper by Total Performance Inc. This Mustang Pit Viper is one of the most rare and highly desired Mustangs in the World.