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Michael Hague's Six Stage Plot Structure. This man is a genius and if you get a chance to hear him explain his story structure in person, you'd be a fool not to run to the workshop.

Michael Hauge Six Stage Plot Structure - How and Why Dramatica is Different from Six Other Story Paradigms - Story Theory - Dramatica

Outline : your story's Beat Sheet writing outlining plot & structure:

Outline : Your story’s Beat Sheet

But hang on...I just read the first two like this is a set of instructions. Like, "Kill someone, and record how it goes wrong." I suppose committing murder irl would be good writing reference. And I bet you I could also finish my novel, what with the twENTY YEARS IN JAIL I'D GET sweet Elbereth that sounds like a great idea. /Why don't I go kill someone and see how it goes wrong?/

I love how the first one is literally 'Kill someone.' Even if they're important to the rest of the book, kill them.<<<are you sure they were talking about a character?

Scrivener template - 8-stage plot structure with brief descriptions and word counts. This formula is based partly on Dan Wells's 'Story Structure'. It's outlined in non-chronological order, and makes it very easy to see how multiple main characters and subplots interweave.

The One Page Novel Plot Formula

The One Page Novel template is an 8 stage plot formula that helps you create strong character development and story structure by working top-down.

Plot Hole (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Plot Hole (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Writing Worksheet – Fixing Plot Holes (PDF) Plot holes are almost inevitable at some stage in any piece of longer writing, and in my experience, fixing them can