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Using Properties of Logarithms to Expand Logs - YouTube

I introduce the 3 properties of logarithms and use them in multiple examples about how to expand logarithmic expressions. Part 2 will include examples of con.

Change of Base Formula Logarithms - YouTube

Change of Base Formula Logarithms

Properties of Logs Part 2 - YouTube

Using Properties of Logarithms to Condense Logs

Graphing Logarithms - YouTube

I introduce graphing Logarithms (which I know is mispelled!) and expain how they are an inverse of exponential functions. At I misspoke and stated that .

Expanding Using The Properties of Logarithms Examples

Expanding Using The Properties Of Logarithms Examples


Mathematics video for grade 12 students.

Definition of Logarithm

A logarithm is the power in which the number raised in order to get the other number. Logarithm and exponents are opposite to each other. The logarithm is denoted by log_a (y) = x. There are many rules and properties of the logarithm.