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The 6 Principles of Design infographic. Some of these, like the unity/harmony ones, draw on gestalt visual principles.

The 6 Principles of Design is an elegant design that visually shows the readers many of the ways design can visually communicate information. Designed by FOLO, a firm in Ahmedabad, India.

Another color chart...this one explains why we need gold metallic accents somewhere in our space to represent our value.

Pick The Right Color For Design With This Colour Psychology Chart. Businesses often utilize color psychology to increase productivity, but it can also be great for home use (i. determing colors for calming spages for sleep, yoga, meditation, etc)

Geometric Gradients by Pixel Supplies on @creativemarket

Geometric Gradients

Geometric Gradients by Pixel Supplies

An Infographic abour #Infographics! How very meta. ;-) https://www.fiverr.com/sheikh3061/design-an-unique-infographic

New Infographic Reveals the Value of...Infographics!

An about infographics! Why are infographics essential for content marketing? Great from dotrising.

Business Card Design Psychology | CardPrinting.us Blog

The Psychology of Business Cards - Infographic! Focuses on the 3 most important elements of a business card: Color, Text and Whitespace.and how these 3 can be used to make an effective business card.

The tips are helpful but the design is dismal. There's conflict in theme with the text blurbs and stylistic choices with the very abstract design at the top and the black, white and cyan color scheme below.

10 Rules for Making an Infographic Effective & Viral - Do you want to create a stunning infographic that will go viral? These 10 rules will definitely help you plan and design your best infographic ever.

The best way to start a successful business with these great business ideas to grow customers.

How to Come Up With Great Business Ideas

Business infographic & data visualisation Set Your Creativity Ablaze: 7 Ways to Generate New Ideas Infographic Description Set Your Creativity