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Neuralgine. He would not use...Yesterday’s Papers: Quackery, self medication and reckless advertising

Neuralgine, The Great Pain Cure, "one of the most fortunate discoveries for the benefit of the human race, especially the ladies, as the female sex are more subject to the ailments which this wonderful product will cure instantly.


questionableadvice: June 1894 Grace’s Guide" Absolutely Non-Poisonous" It alarms me that there was a time when they needed to add this, because that means that there was a possiblities of poison by other products to be begin with

would love to know what non-alcoholic blood food is...could this have been vitamins?

Delicate girls and Women are too often dosed with drugs - vintage medicine ad for Scott's Emulsion


I don't know about you but I will be glad when spring is finally here. I love my children dearly - all the way to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond. Times one hundred - more than.