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It has a point that is unintended from the literal text. It makes the reader call into question their own prejudices and what stirs them up. Is their disdain for something or someone legitimate in its reasoning, or is there something more sinister driving at it. This type of skeptical awareness is important to have, and I think by reading this quote it reignites the fire of self awareness.
seven deadly sins. Oops .. guilty of more than one - I must admit.
Princess Jasmine is Wrath [Princesses as the 7 Deadly Sins]
Disney villains - Huh, who knew they represented the Seven Deadly Sins?
Gah I'm conflicted but this is good
Seven deadly sins &   Seven Heavenly Virtues
Children from Willy Wonka = 7 Deadly Sins
The Seven Deadly Sins  [by Overstock -- via #tipsographic]. More at tipsographic.com
olio.tattoo Quote Tattoo by Art  from 7 Sins Tattoo - West Lafayette, IN #quote -- More at: https://olio.tattoo/tattoo-images/mentions:quote