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This can help those kids that cry every day... But admittedly I can also probably work on all of this myself.

Paws of Skill (Cub Scout Wolf Elective) - This can help those kids that cry every day. But admittedly I can also probably work on all of this myself.

LARGE GROUP GAMES                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Sometimes we have a bleep ton of kids and it is hard to manage them. These large group games come in handy on a regular basis for my Clubs. Every mon

This is an extensive list of games you can play with kids in the gym.  Directions, tips, and videos are included to help you get the game set up and the kids playing.

Games to Play with Kids in a Gym: For Youth Group, P.E., or Therapy

SPORTS CLUB Ideas for physical education, after school programs, and youth groups. Gymnasium plus kids plus these ideas equals FUN.

Student self assessment @PEcoachwinkler

Student self assessment @PEcoachwinkler

The Sportfolio - PYP PE with Andy

Varying the assessment that we use in physical education is critical to ensure that our students have multiple means of showing their conceptual understanding of what is being covered in a PE unit.


Physical Education bulletin board I like this board because it promotes physical fitness. Physical fitness is very important and this board shows good examples of different ways to exercise.

Physical Education and More: I Can

Starting off the year with"I Can"statements has been a huge success. The students are really understanding their PE lessons better and refle.

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I think this would be a neat idea to do this; It will help motivate kids to do their best. may be difficult picking just 1 student a month and there will be those students who may never have a chance to be the best physically.

• Waspital • Your kids will love these free PE warm games and activities in your next gym lesson! Try them out now!

6 FREE Kindergarten – Grade 2 PE Sport lesson Tip & Tag Games