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He's talking about Trump and his GOP supporters.

Happy birthday, Bill Nye the Science Guy! In honor of everyone's favorite science guy celebrating a good year, we gathered our favorite Bill Nye memes.


Binaural beats are not heard, but perceived as an auditory beat when two tones of specific sound wave frequencies are directed to the right and the left ear, respectively. We will try to find out whether binaural beats can induce lucid dreaming or not.

- Benjamin Smith  Can't take the credit but sure like the idea. Lets see if it really is 'of the people, by the people and FOR the people."

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I'll take the overwhelming scientific evidence.

I don't believe in evolution. Rather, I accept the overwhelming scientific evidence in support of evolutionary theory. Did you go to a doc today and got a modern treatment (like the FLU SHOT)? Thank evolution based medical research and genetic science.

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Many thanks to Professor Dawkins and his contemporaries for opening the flood gates of knowledge that are bringing an end to the process of manufactured believers!Call it what it is and abandon the